Conflict Resolution Relationship Building

Having seen and experienced any issue that affects your relationships, your family, and/or friends, a holistic approach to understand and communicate to those around you is vital to your living a thriving life!

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Real Sex: The Core of Everything

Here you will learn about Real Sex: what it is, how to do it, the consecrated time-honored practices and traditions from all known spiritual societies and Teachers around the world, with whom Dr Sami has studied directly.

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Grief Death Rebirth

Every moment of our lives is saturated with grieving for what was and now is not.

We find ourselves in a swirl of confusing emotions that pop up unexpectedly as we go about our day.
While breaking our hearts open, what we don’t know is that heart-break is actually a key to falling in love with our life.

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Energy Mind/Bodywork Healing Trauma

Energetic mind/body healing is a dynamic activity that transmutes everything in its path.
Like a waterfall, its power purifies everything.

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Spiritual Expansion

Spiritual expansion happens in the presence of pastoral direction.

It comes about where there is safety and guidance that provides a wide perspective. It offers opportunity to step into freedom from whatever is holding you back from doing and being all that you yearn to be.

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