Every moment of our lives is saturated with grieving for what was and now is not.

We find ourselves in a swirl of confusing emotions that pop up unexpectedly as we go about our day.
While breaking our hearts open, what we don’t know is that heart-break is actually a key to falling in love with our life.

Our education has not taught us about what to do when we grieve, nor what it really is.
Up to now, we have remained in states of being stuck, sorrowing, sad, numb, angry, dull, moving through our days like sleepwalkers.
Unless we LEARN how to process this pain, we carry it around inside ourselves, letting it infect our relationships, the health of our physical bodies and causing our depressions.
We remain prisoners to it.

Here you can step into freedom from this cycle
by understanding that grieving is an essential process, like growing up.

You will learn how you can use grief to nourish yourself because you can cooperate with it. As you do, it morphs into compassionate connection with yourself and others.

Falling apart leads to becoming more than you could have imagined.

You see the true purpose and nature of change,
feeling gratitude instead regret or remorse;
breaking the cycle of despair, hopelessness and emptiness,
and opening, like a flower, to moment-to-moment guidance from everywhere,
all the time.

Dr. Sami can help you with this,
having been initiated into many Tradition’s methods of transforming pain and grief into rebirth,
having almost died herself,
having walked beside the dying, in Hospice, as a funeral director for years,
she can teach you how use these processes that lead to true longevity and immortality of body, mind, heart and soul…

And a new life!